Power Tools / Rotary Line / Ultimate Handy Router(New price)


Patented new technology “Auto-torque Engine” is integrated in the D365 to bring the utmost power from a micro-motor for users to enjoy a controllable and compact lightweight tool with a strong torque performance at the same time.

USD $ 85

  • Model No. D365

    Input: AC100~240V, 50/60Hz

    Output: 18V, 1A / 18W

    Speed: 1,800-12,500 RPM

    Origin: Made in Taiwan

  • D24mm x L163mm / 81.8g

  • Hand-piece x1

    18W Power Supply x1

    Precision Collet 2.35mm (Installed on the Hand-piece) x1

    Precision Collet 3.0mm x1

    Spring Chuck 0.3-3.2mm x1

    Hand-piece Rest x1


    Auto-torque Engine

    The D365 is the most powerful mini Handy Router in the world.The latest innovative technology “The Auto-torque Engine” insidewhich detects conditions while Drilling, Polishing, Cutting and gives a marvelous torque and speed compensation automatically.


    New model PATENTS in countries includes Germany, Japan, Taiwan and China...etc.



    Precision Engineering

    The superior spindle is well-fitted with a Japan made bearing for greater precision and stability while usingat both of low and high speeds.

    D365 comes with the Spring Chuck makes the perfect connection with all bits. The standard 2.35mm / 3.0mm Precision Collets for most of tool bits in the market.