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With the powerful motor and innovative Auto-torque Engine, the D550T delivers performance you want from an electric tool for model making. By switching the 2-stage A.T. button, whether you are processing 3D printed resins or detailing garage kits, the D550T flies through the most of difficulty with proper speed and torque compensation automatically.

USD $ 149

  • Model No. D550T
    Electrical requirements
       Handpiece: DC3-18V, 0.25A
       Controller: 120V~ 60Hz / 230V~ 50Hz

       Plug Type: Type A / Type C / Type G
    Rotary Speed: 2,500-18,000 RPM
    Fuse: 5.2 x 20mm, 1A250V/AC

  • Handpiece: (Max.) Dia. 32 x L163mm / 197g
    Controller: L145 x W83 x H68mm / 956g

  • Handpiece x1 (Spring Chuck 0.3-4.0mm)

    Multi-Functional Controller x1

    Handpiece Rest x1

    Spare Fuse (1A) x1

    8 pcs of High Performance Cutters and Burs (M3001)

The All New D550T

The all new DAVID 550T is an electric rotary tool which is suitable for the post-processing 3D printing and plastic model craft hobbyists. We apply the patent from the DAVID 365 to DAVID 550T which is enhanced and called “Auto-torque Engine SP”, so the users can choose three different modes to deal with various processing situations easily by switching the 2-stage A.T. Mode button. The DAVID 550T also has a built-in the "Self-calibration Mode”. When the sensitivity of auto-torque compensation decreases due to the natural wear of the motor, by entering the "Self-calibration Mode", the controller can remap current states of the motor, so that the auto-torque compensation can be restored the performance of the factory setting as much as possible!

Main Features

Auto-torque Engine SP

Push the A.T. Mode button on the controller to set the handpiece into the Auto-torque Mode: 
First stage (60% output): A.T. Mode indicator shows breathing light.
Second stage (100% output): A.T. Mode indicator shows constant light.

Press the A.T. Mode button to cycle through the first, second stage, and mode off.

Self-calibration Mode

Step 1. Adjust the speed control knob to the lowest; confirm that the main power switch on the controller is off (power off).
Step 2. Connect the controller to AC outlet.
Step 3. Connect the handpiece to the controller and then turn on the power switch on the handpiece. (At this point, the motor is still stationary.)

After the above preparations are done, keep pressing the A.T. Mode button then turn on the main power switch on the controller. The motor of the handpiece will start running, and the A.T. Mode indicator will start blinking. Do not move the handpiece or give any resistance to the handpiece (running motor) until the A.T. Mode indicator shows light off, then you can start using it. The Self-calibration takes about 5~8 seconds to set in.