Equipment / Grinding & Polishing Box(New price)


The DAVID 240 is designed particularly for model makers who need to do grinding or polishing works. The DAVID 240 offers an effective way to safely polish the item without the risk of being struck or inhaling stray particulates.

USD $ 65

Prevent Eyes from Flying Fragments
In the process of creation, craft makers sometimes need to do cutting, polishing and grinding jobs, and undoubtedly these actions tend to produce a lot of fragments. They had better wear a goggles to protect their eyes. By using the DAVID 240, you not only keep the environment clean in your studio but keep eyes away from danger.


Avoid Inhaling Stray Particulates
It is unhealthy if you inhaled powder and dust during the process of working. The DAVID 240 can isolate most of the dust. To obtain better effect, please fitted the 2 pieces of silicon covers on the box sides.


Gather the Excess Precious Metal
The DAVID 240 can help the jewelry makers recover the excess precious metal in a straightforward way. Black coated surface inside allows the precious powder is more visible in the box.